3D printing is no more a dream in the advancing technology era. Obtaining a ditto copy of the sample is now possible using 3D printing technology. “3D printing is a process of additive manufacturing technology where a 3 dimensional object is produced by laying down successive layers of substances. It is also recognized as rapid prototyping.” Here we will discuss that how 3D Printing is going to revolutionize the world in the coming years.

3D Printing Will Change Manufacturing

One of the fastest ways that 3D printing will revolutionize the modern industry is through enhanced efficiency. You can consider the case where car industries will be producing the automobile parts very quickly saving much of the time, money and making the work efficient. BMW, a famous car manufacturing industry has now saved 58% of the cost costs and 92% in time by producing its parts with Stratasys, one of the world’s largest 3D printer manufacturers.

The interesting thing about 3D printing technology is that it is additive instead of subtractive. Means that it forms or prints the object by transforming successive layers of substance instead of cutting a block and wasting the trash. This is an efficient way that also saves the raw material unlike cutting where rest of the material is discarded.

3D Printing Will Change Medicine

3D printing will also have its roots embedded in biomedical field. Companies like Organovo are producing methods of printing arteries and other organs that can be fit in the bodies of different people. This will minimize the risks in surgery since there will be more accurate and will also save time for searching the donors.

3D Medicine

The very first bio printers weren’t much expensive or fancy. Nowadays, Scientists had modified inkjet printers to copy fragments of DNA, just to study gene expression. If an inkjet could print genes, the same hardware could print other biomaterials too. Going into minute details, the smallest human cells are 10 micrometers, approximately the dimension of standard ink droplets.

3D Printing and the Future Economy

An important feature of 3D printing is its ability to bring manufacturing back to the country. You will be to create your own products, minimizing your dependence on other countries. For instance, an Apple iPad only costs $9 to produce it in China; where as in the United States it would be greater, consequently resulting in less profit for Apple. This is where 3D printing is helpful.

According to a report in The New York Times 3-dimensional printing will spur further productivity growth, mainly those industries that involve reproduction of the same parts such as parts of automobiles, airplanes and some electrical goods etc. As seen in the past, the increased productivity will depreciate the cost of productivity, which will be passed on to buyers in the form of subsidized prices.


Latest 3D Printers

Many printers are available in market with various price ranges. The top 3-D printers of this year are Cube 3D, CEL Robox, Mini Kossel, Formlabs Form 1, MakerBot Replicator, Ultimaker 2, Pegasus Touch Printer.

Keeping in view its importance, it will not be wrong to admit that 3-D printing will revolutionize the world in every field making work more efficient and reliable.

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