With the current rise of global economical problems, more people have to sacrifice their time to earn more income in order to keep up with the times. This is due to the cost of living that has drastically increased compared to that of 10 years ago. Our living needs have changed so much since then, that we find it hard to cope with our daily life.

We depend so much on the main electricity and power this day, from how we cook food to heating up the water with water heaters during our shower. Not only do we have to deal with the problem of the rising electricity bills, we have to also tackle the problems with our economic system that were caused by the usage of these conveniences.

A non-profit association has sprung its doors open to cater to you, me and our beloved Mother Earth. The ENVIENTA has seemed to figure out an answer to this rising issue. They have come up with a whole revolutionary open source based economic system that might be just the exact solution for a better, cleaner and greener living for us.


The concept that they have put together will definitely change how we look at the whole issue. Imagine living in a space where it costs lesser than regular houses, but, it is fitted and controlled entirely with a smart home system. It costs lesser because, instead of a regular brick house, it is made out of used shipping container which is reconstructed to cater to our basic living needs.

As the rising costs of bills does have a huge impact on not only our monthly income, but the time invested to earn the pay cheque, these houses will be fully powered through the natural source of light. Solar panels will be fixed on this housing concept, where light energy from the Sun will be captured and conserved. It will then be converted into electrical energy when needed.

This would mean that all our equipment and electronics will be powered by this natural source of energy. Thus, there will be no monthly electric bills, lifting off the huge burden from our shoulders.

What ENVIENTA has included in their economic revolution concept is the use of Hydroponics and Aeroponics to meet our food demands. This is not only a great idea, but something that has never been put to thought to exist in our own homes as well.

As known to many, more vegetables and plantations today are grown with the excessive use of pesticides, insecticides and other types of chemical. The food that we consume might not be as safe as we thought it is. This will not only be able to reduce the amount of spending on vegetation, but eat food products that are proven to be cleaner and chemical-free, as well as reduce the amount of land or soil used in its growth.

Adding the use of Hydroponics and Aeroponics to the concept for our own use is certainly a vital point for our sustainability in the future and will be able to progress us to live greener as well.

Another great idea that the ENVIENTA has included in their concept is the usage of 3D printing technology. Depending on mainstream mass production line of products would mean that more amount of plastic, paper and other materials were produced in efforts to create a particular product of interest.

Most of us know very well how much waste we produce by day, and some of the waste cannot be recycled such as plastic matter. The idea that ENVIENTA project has introduced in using 3D technology might be another great solution that one could think of. Replacing mass produced furnitures with recycled plastics made from using 3D printing technology is a very innovative idea.

The whole concept seems to work well hand in hand, making it a whole new living edge and space. The amount of ideas ENVIENTA has come up with and how practical and broad they are is something that is sought upon. They might just be the next vital project that will bring the world into a spectrum of economic revolution and the answer to the future.

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