The Open Source Ecology is a fast growing, sustainable, cost-effective, non-profit, decentralized, economical and social model. Developers are giving their own resources, intellectual capital, creativity, wisdom and experience to the commons, which is a way of self-expression. No one owns the project or the output, it’s free for anyone to use and it’s the output of volunteers who do something interesting. This will leads to the social production and that kind of human relations, which will be based on cooperation and mutual help.

The ENVIENTA Open Source Ecology project provides cheap and well designed living for individuals, families and communities. Why pay household bills if there are existing technologies to reduce your dependencies? Renewable energy is free. Self-sustainable living requires alternative gardening solutions, based on effective water usage without dirt and farming knowledge. Custom designed interior elements made from 3D printed recycled materials can reduce industrial waste.

You can download and share all the technical data, research and development documentation for free. Our additional plan is to set up a multi-user knowledge database to share the know-how of building a beautiful living space, growing food with the usage of 3D-printed parts, furnitures and much more.

ENVIENTA is a modular system, its future plans can be implemented within cities and outside as well. How to make it work?


Every revolution starts with great ideas. In the open source model members give their own resources, creativity, and experience to the commons. It’s fast growing and sustainable. We are looking for people around us who share the same interest. Be part of this future, now we need you!

Our plan is to build a project center, which we need for the development, education and sharing of knowledge.