Let’s talk about the Envienta Community. According to the real life everyone has a best friend. Everyone has a relationship and partnership. So, what if we put these connections together into one place? More and more connections will come into being. You’ll get more friend and your friend’s friend’s too and so on. In this agreements you will be inspired by the others.

ENVIENTA - Connecting the dots

These human connections are similar like the P2P system. Building a community and reaching critical mass on a P2P marketplace requires a lot of passion, patience and local involvement. Humanizing our platform brings users closer to you, this is the key message of this amazing panel at Envienta. While we all agree that communities should even become a central element of the whole strategy of two-sided Communities, this still remains challenging. How to get it started? Well, the answer is multiple. It’s a good way to remind the community that a website is not just about engineers and servers. It’s way more than that. It’s all about the people and their connections. We just giving them a place where they can hold and care these contacts.

Another way to humanize the experience of our platform is to consider users as partners in content creation. Stories are a valuable social currency. Somebody needs from Somebody’s emphasizes. There is always a story behind the person that is using a product and sharing that is a really good way to get the people connected.

All in all, we had the chance to listen to a very inspiring panel discussion with experienced professionals about the topic building communities and critical mass on P2P Community. They share their thoughts, their own tips and experience and bring forward this into an online discussion. In this way every tasks or problems will be solved.

So yes, we’re working on it to make a world wide network in P2P. Everyone is welcome to join. Together we can do and make everything. The whole system will be based on this network. That’s the plan for now in a nutshell. We’ll see what have we done so far.

Envienta also would like to teach the people to inspire the people then to teach each other. We believe that in Envienta Community everyone has knowledge from different fields which could be useful for somebody else who’s looking for a (new) subject/topic. As always we have an image for this too. It’s called MOOCs. (Massive Open Online Courses)


MOOCS offer university-level courses without the need to complete an entire programme of studies, and are becoming increasingly popular. Basing on this idea every bigger community could make online courses. Just like we wanna do. While most courses are free, some are fee-paying. Videos are normally short and much activity takes place on online discussion groups and forums. The process of transforming knowledge from its raw form into consumed curriculum can be broken down into three major categories: content production, content distribution, and content delivery. In the historical paradigm, institutions owned this entire “stack” out of necessity.

Communities would work with faculty to convert their raw knowledge into consumable curricula. The campuses themselves served as distribution hubs, drawing the intellectually curious to campus, and the lecture halls and libraries served to facilitate content delivery and consumption.

There is no denying that if two candidates were side by side for a job, the one with a degree from a more recognized university has a better chance at landing that job, even if they are evenly qualified. Fifteen years ago when we didn’t have the Internet, this made sense because not everyone could gain access to these exclusive classes; there was a scarcity problem. Now, because of MOOCs and the widespread understanding of the importance of education, professors around the world are teaming up and opening their doors to worldwide collaborative learning.

Think about being at a job interview, for something as simple as a customer service job at a 7/11.  If they ask you about your education and you tell them you’ve been taking classes from Harvard, it not only sounds better than community college, it feels better. This can be huge on a personal confidence level, which is important for success.

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I Love the advancement of technology. I myself work on many fields of it. For example in the field of IT I finished a school and received a degree as a system administrator. From the other side I love nature, drawing and designing. My favourite from these is designing modern buildings and the drawing up of new things. Combining the analog and digital worlds I believe that in the right hands we could create something permanent. I am a big fan of the work of Dominic Bradbury and the modern architectural solutions. It is astonishing how beautiful and harmonical environments can be designed and created with the right planning.

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