A smart hydroponic and aeroponic garden monitors and tracks environmental conditions, helping you make your plants thrive. The price of connected plant sensors lessens the lure of the smart garden for many cost-conscious consumers. The technology could give your plants a voice, make care recommendations, and send you reminders. Fortunately you can set up a cheap smart gardening system, complete with reminders and recommendations.

Here’s what you might not know about plants they don’t need dirt. There are two main methods of growing plants without soil; hydroponics and aeroponics. Actually, aeroponics is actually a subset of hydroponics, but they’re as different from each other as they are from standard agriculture.

In hydroponics, you’re replacing the soil with another sort of material for the plants to grow in. Generally, this is going to be some sort of foam like material that can easily hold and move water. The plants that are being grown hydroponically will then get their nutrients through water that the foam is soaking up.

Aeroponics is actually fairly similar, except that it does away with the foam aspect of it and just gets straight to giving the plants the nutrients they need to grow and thrive by misting them with nutrient rich water. This allows you to do a number of things that you couldn’t even with hydroponics, such as arranging the plants you’re growing vertically. But, you’re going to need to make some specialized orders to get what you need to set up an equivalent hydroponic system. Aeroponics also allow you to observe the plants directly without disturbing them, which allows you to adjust the nutrient mix that you’re using and cut off any problems that you might be having before they actually have a chance to become a problem. To get involved in aeroponics you have two options: commercial aeroponics kit or the DIY 3D printed version of aeroponics.

The aero- and hydroponics can be used to grow your vegetables in both dry and rainy seasons in a year, in short every time or season. You can grow the plants everywhere regardless of any area-deserts, mountains, rugged lands or on the rooftop for planting. Today, city and dwellers live in the civilized area and modern lifestyle which need high price. Excitingly, now we can grow vegetables anywhere and whenever we want. And we can do in any size of the system and put it on a small space such as the side of the window, footpath, roof-deck, or a small area at the back of the house.

The vegetables or plants grow fast and instantly, and provide satisfactory yield. With the traditional method, we can’t determine or manage the amount of sufficient nutrient with the plants’ requirement that results in a leaking some nutrients from each process both in the soil and in the air, or grabbing water with the unnecessary organism. Successfully, with the ENVIENTA Smart Garden system, we can control the nutrient quantity better than planting in the soil.

These systems can provide the regular productivity, clean, and good quality of product due to we can control nutrient quantity which plant require, and we can control all of environmental factors. We can save more labor and time and then the conventional method due to the fact that we not need to prepare soil, pouring water, adding nutrient solution, cleaning weed.

Very few chemicals are used in these systems in the reality that we can control the situation completely, and we can receive the healthy and chemical free vegetables all the time.

The ENVIENTA Smart Garden system tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture, and then cross-references this information with plant, soil science, and weather databases to recommend which plants will thrive. It continuously monitors conditions and alerts you to changes that require immediate action.

You’ll save water, lower your utility bills, and never worry about thirsty plants again. You can also use an app to control everything.

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