If you ever have the need to transport water uphill or to another area of your property, then you will find this water pump pretty exciting as explained in this video by Mr Teslonian on YouTube just the thing to get you started.

This amazing off grid Water Ram Water Pump enables you to transport water uphill almost 10 – 30 times higher than the water source. This water pump is easily constructed using bits and pieces that are readily available from any good hardware store. The video gives clear and concise instruction on how to assemble the pump. With all the items in place it can be built up in about an hour.

The pump is ideal for getting water to upper levels of a garden or into higher places on a smallholding. The beauty of the pump is that it requires no electricity at all, it is powered by the water pressure itself. You will find the pictures very easy to follow and the instructions very straightforward.



Source: myhealthyfeed

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