Last week I listed most of the use cases you can do when you connect two smart things together in your smart home. I wanted to keep it simple but it turns out there are hundreds of scenarios that can be played. Check out the full list onanythings. I selected here the 37 best home automation scenarios you can do withAmazon Echo, Nest Thermostat, SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub and many other smart products.

1. Voice control your lights
Get an Amazon Echo and some Philips Hue and you will be able to talk to your lights. Ask “Alexa, switch on the lights”.

2. Control the temperature with your voice
With Siri and an Ecobee3 Thermostat just say “Hey Siri, Set my temperature to X degrees”.

3. Switch off your lights, when you are away
You have a Nest Thermostat and some LIFX bulbs? Set your thermostat to away and it will switch off your lights.

4. Reverse the air of your room when it’s cold
Make your Big Ass fan pushes the hot air down in your room when your Nest Thermostat is set to home.

5. Monitor your home from your wrist
Check out what’s happening at your home. Watch the stream from the Withings Home on your Apple Watch.

6. Play a welcome home message
Your door sensor connected to SmartThings will tell your Sonos to play a welcome message as you open the door.

7. Turn on your coffee machine when you step on your scale
Log a new weight through your Withings scale, it will toggle on your WeMo switch.

8. Be reminded if you didn’t fed your pet
Place a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor on your pet food.

9. Switch on your lights as you come home
Open your August Lock, it will tell your Hue bulbs to switch on through Apple HomeKit.

10. Keep your clothes fresh if you are away
Your Whirlpool machine will keep your clothes fresh if your laundry cycle ends while you’re Nest Thermostat is set to away/

11. Switch on the lights of your garage as you open it
Make your GE bulbs to switch on when your MyQ controller open the garage door.

12. Control your robot with gestures
Control your Sphero BB-8 with the Myo gesture control armband.

13. Close your shades as you go to sleep
Use your Jawbone to the Shades of your Lutron Bridge to automatically close the shades as you fall asleep.

14. Turn on humidifier when your home is too dry.
When your Netatmo Weather Station feels the air is too dry, it will switch on your smart plug where there is your humidifier.

15. Launch a playlist as you get home
Use door sensor with Wink Hub to let your Bose speaker start your favorite playlist as you get home.

16. Turn on the lights to red when someone unknown is seen
Use your Netatmo Welcome camera with IFTTT to change the color of your Hue bulbs when someone unknown is detected.

17. Turn on your fan if your room is humid
Wally have detected moisture in your room? It will tell Nest to turn on the fan.

18. Switch on your lights as you come home
Open your August Lock, it will your ask your Hue bulbs to switch on through Apple HomeKit.

19. Log how you feel from your watch
Tap on the Do application -from on your Apple Watch to tell Jawbone how you are feeling.

20. Turn on the fan if there is too much CO2
When your Netatmo Weather station detects too much CO2, turn on your fan.

21. Water your garden if it’s warm
Your Netatmo Weather Station feels hot? Make your GreenIQ sprinkler water your garden.

22. Light up your plants
Switch on your Philips Hue if your Flower Power sensor from Parrot says your plant needs some light.

23. Switch off your heating system as you go to sleep
When you go to sleep your Fitbit will tell your Nest Thermostat to turn off your heater.

24. Set your home in away mode as you close your garage door
Connect your GoControl garage controller to your Wink hub to make it set your home as away when you close the door in the morning.

25. Turn on your sprinkler when smoke is detected
Make your Rachio irrigation controller water your garden if your Nest Protect is triggered.

26. Lock up your home when you go to sleep
When your Jawbone detects that you sleep it will tell your SmartThings app to close your smart lock.

27. Arm your alarm with your voice
Tell Amazon Echo to switch of your Scout Alarm through IFTTT.

28. Take care of your elderly by knowing if they fell
Use motion sensor to trigger an alert if your loved one has slip.

29. Warn someone of an emergency issue with panic button.
Press the button of your Misfit Shine to send a notification to your relatives.

30. Turn on TV from your wrist.
Use the Harmony hub with your smartwatch to watch your favorite show with looking for the remote.

31. Switch on your lights if fire is detected
Your Nest Protect just spotted some fire! It will tell your Philips Hue to turn on to guide you through the exit.

32. Know if the fridge door was left open
Use a SmartThings MultiSensor to monitor the temperature in your fridge and get notifications if it drops.

33. Monitor your aquarium from your wrist
Use your Apple Watch to check your Seneye device connected to your aquarium.

34. Mute your stereo when alarm is triggered
Mute your Sonos speaker through the SmartThings app if your smoke alarm is triggered.

35. Make your camera record at the best time
Connect your motion sensor to the SmartThings hub to trigger a record when someone is detected.

36. Save money using electricity at the best time
Connect your smart Whirlpool washer with your Nest Thermostat to make your washing machine use longer but energy efficient cycles.

37. Get notified if you are using too much energy
Your WeMo Insight Switch will turn off when it has used a specific quantity of electricity per day.


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