Unsurprisingly, the maker movement is making it much easier for scientists to do science. With innovations in cheap fabrication methods and the proliferation of open source projects, they’re able to bypass more traditional (read: more costly) routes to advancement.


We’ve seen a few word clocks in our day (and even ran a project on how to make a simple one), but none are quite as cool as this word clock from Tinkerman that incorporates some Matrix style lighting effects.

You don’t normally see a toddler in a wheelchair but for this very, very young girl a DIY wheelchair has made all the difference when it comes to mobility.

Are you addicted to cold brew? Can’t wait the hours it usually takes to steep a cup for your next fix? Well, this coffee champion has figured out how to get cold brew coffee in 60 seconds. Are you getting jittery just thinking about it?


Somewhere across the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean, this little solar powered, autonomous boat is making it’s way to its next destination.


Source: makezine